Powell Industries, Inc. Painter in Houston, Texas

As a Painter you will work individually, or as part of a small team, powder coating sheet metal fabricated parts. A Painter is expected to understand the principals of powder coating (i.e. static charge, air flow, powder flow & pressure, etc. A Painter will have the capacity to set up and operate equipment to coat work piece with powder base paint.

A Painter applies the powder coating by spraying the powder using an electrostatic gun and will visually inspect coated items for quality. A Painter will have the capability to resolve quality and mechanical problems; making minor repairs and equipment adjustments as needed as well as assisting in keeping up with powder inventory levels. Will know when to elevate issues to Lead/Supervisor.

Essential Responsibilities:

Distinguishes the type of nozzle to be used per the shape of the work piece to be painted

Use a manual spray electrostatic gun to assure complete powder paint coverage on all parts

Inspects and ensures all parts are visually precise per the requirements

Conducts color checking on every carrier

Oversees paint thickness checks

Maintains spray booth and keeps surrounding areas clean; disposing/reusing of powder coating paint

Determine if too much moisture is present in box of powder.

Responsible for the conditions of the manual and auto guns. Responsible for getting them sent to maintenance when major repair is needed


1+ years of powder coating experience

Experience using manual spray electrostatic gun

Knowledgeable in the powder coating process of part preparation, powder application, and curing

Proven ability to resolve quality and mechanical problems with equipment.

Ability to perform basic math functions

Adherence to housekeeping requirements

Must have a basic command of the English language with the ability to read, write, and communicate effectively with co-workers and others

Can perform daily machinery preventive maintenance

Can effectively work in a team environment

Can identify any potential risks to product quality and elevate as necessary to Lead/Supervisor

Can follow company operating procedures, safety rules and ISO requirements

Ability to work up to 12 hour shifts upon request Frequently required to work a 6th day

(Saturday) during your normal shift, and required to work an occasional 7th day (Sunday).

Physical Demands:

* Ability to stand and walk on concrete floor continuously for a minimum of 8 hours per day.

* Ability to lift metal objects of up to 50 pounds frequently for a minimum of 8 hours per day.

* Ability to pass a breathing test and full-face respirator fitment test.

Working Conditions

All work is performed in a shop environment with constant exposure to the elements of our shop. It is the policy of Powell Electrical Manufacturing Company to promote safe working conditions for all employees, to make available where necessary special equipment to protect employees against specific hazards, to reduce accidents through prevention programs and to establish rules that are designed for the safety of all. It is the responsibility of each employee to adhere to this policy, as well as to observe all safety practices and exercise every precaution for the safety of accidents. There is certain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn during the operation of this job.