Powell Industries, Inc. Lead Material Handler in Houston, Texas

As a material Handler you will work either individually, or, as a part of a small team, to produce insulated parts and protective material. You will be required to produce these insulated parts and protective material such that they meet the dimensional specifications of the engineered drawing. Finally, you will be required to meet any cosmetic or appearance specifications of your completed product. After you complete each project, you may be required to deliver the finished product to your customer and record the delivery through a computer transaction.

Other responsibilities of this position include performing light maintenance on your insulating equipment as well as hand tools. Also you must maintain the cleanliness of your work area and meet all requirements of the Powell Quality System for this position. Finally, all employees are required to participate in Powell's ongoing Safety Training.

Job Requirements:

* Minimum of grammar school education

* Must have a basic command of the English language, both written and verbal.

Job Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Ability to read a tape measure and ruler (this includes conversions from fraction to decimal and conversely from decimal to fractions).

* Ability to read and understand engineered drawings (blueprints).

* Ability to work with small hand tools and grinders.

* Ability to perform light maintenance on conveyor equipment such as removing bolted components for replacement and tightening loose fasteners.

Will be required to perform other duties as requested,, directed, or assigned.